Gun Shows

DATE                   LOCATION                            SHOW LOCATION                                 DEALER

Aug  24-25  Richmond       Va.                 Raceway Complex                                       Jeff/Wendy

Sept 7-8  Middletown         NY                 Fairgrounds                                                   Jeff/Wendy

Sep 7-8      Wind Gap          Pa                  Plainfield Twp Fire co                                Tom’s Trading Post

Sept 14-15   Syracuse          NY                 Fairgrounds                                                  Jeff/Wendy

Sept  14-15  Hampton        Va                   Convention Center

Sept 21-22  Hamburg        NY                   Hamburg fairgrounds                                Jeff/ Wendy

Sept  27-29   Chantilly       Va.                 Expo Center                                                    Jeff/Wendy

Sep 28-29   Allentown        Pa                 Park View Inn                                                Tom’s Trading Post

Oct 2-5  Winchester           Va.          Fort Shenendoah                                                Cindy

Oct 4-6     Oaks                   Pa                   Expo Center                                                  Jeff/Wendy

Oct 4-6       Oaks                  Pa                  Expo Center                                                  Tom’s Trading Post

Oct  17-21  Mt. Sterling     KY                   Court Days                                                    Jeff/Wendy

Oct 19-20   Allentown       Pa                    Forks of the Delaware – Ag Hall              Tom’s Trading Post

Nov  2-3  Middletown        NY               Fairgrounds                                                   Jeff/Wendy

Nov  9-10  Richmond       Va.                 Raceway Complex                                        Jeff/Wendy

Nov  22-24  Chantilly       Va                    Expo Center                                                 Jeff/Wendy

Nov  30-31 Hampton       Va                  Convention Center                                        Jeff/Wendy

Nov  30-31 Monroeville    Pa.                 Fairgrounds

Dec 7-8       Allentown       Pa                    Forks of the Delaware – Ag Hall              Tom’s Trading Post

Dec  14-15    Fredericksburg  Va             Expo Center

Dec  14-15  harrisburg      Pa.                   Farm Center

Dec 20-22   Oaks               Pa.                  Expo Center                                                  Jeff/Wendy

Dec 20-22   Oaks               Pa                     Expo Center                                                Tom’s Trading Post

Dec  27-29  Chantilly        Va.                  Expo Center                                              Jeff/Wendy