P3 Cloth Pistol Case

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Made to fit a 2-3″ Revolver or Compact automatic eg. 380 or compact 9mm

This pistol case is constructed with heavy duty cloth for ruggedness and durability.

A high quality self-repairing zipper is used for increased reliability

A locking loop for secure storage has been added.
Cases has 1/2″ foam padding to protect your gun.

Heavy duty cloth interior cradles your gun and is non-abrasive to the finish.

Interior dimensions:   9 1/2L x 6 1/2H

1 review for P3 Cloth Pistol Case

  1. David Huss

    This is a superbly constructed case. I am partial to the dark green mottled version as it has a very “unique”, thus the product name, feel to it. The thickness is an excellent feature and protects the piece very well. There is not much more to say other than this is one fine pistol case. I am proud to own several.

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