Discreet Carry Case


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This case is perfect for carrying your rifles without being obvious.

With plenty of space for a modern sporting rifle like an AR-15 and magazines this is a great range day case to get you to and from the range without nosy neighbors knowing you have rifles.

Two large accessory pockets (15 x 8) are mounted on the front of the case.

Inside the right pocket are 4   3″elastic loops. Each capable of holding 2-30 rd AR mags.

The interior is a soft cloth so as not to mar the finish of the gun.

Mollee straps are provided to securely mount your gun without leaving an outline of what you’re carrying.

The mollee tie downs are adjustable to fit any way you configure your rifle.

Available in 3 sizes:  DC36    16″barrel and adjustable stock   (M4)

.                                    DC40   18″barrel or 16″ with fixed stock

.                                   DC44    20″barrel with a fixed stock  (A2)

Interior dimensions”   36L x 13 1/2 H

.                                       40L x 13 1/2H

.                                       44L x 13 1/2H

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