Single Point Sling

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This single point sling gives you the ultimate quality for a quick deploy sling system for your tactical rifle.

Our single point sling uses 3/8 shock cord for a comfortable carry. Even with a heavy gun.

We use only steel H&K style clash hooks. Not the cheaper zinc hooks found on cheap import sling.

An elastic cover is used over the H&K style clash hook to stop rattle and prevent the gun being scratched.

The modular design allows the gun to be disconnected while still wearing the support sling.

1 review for Single Point Sling

  1. Kris B.

    I purchased this sling two years ago and have used it without failure many times. I am constantly training transitioning from long rifle to handgun, using the sling to hold the unsupported weight of my AR. It has never failed, unlatched, or shown any signs of wear on my rifle. I like to keep my equipment looking new, and the addition of the padding around the HK Hook keeps the upper of my rifle scratch free, even when rubbed against the latch. Great product!

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