Tactical Rifle Cases


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Tactical rifle cases are 12 1/2 in. tall to easily hold a rifle with a scope.

Our Tactical rifle cases have four pouches with a velcro closures to hold extra magazines. Our mag pockets are designed around a 308 mag. This allows 2  30rd AR15 style mags to be put into each mag pocket thus increasing the total capacity to 8 mags.

We also utilize a pull strap for rapid extraction of the mags when needed.

A large zippered storage pocket is available for accessories.

A closed-loop shoulder strap is added for easy carry.

Tactical cases are available in several sizes.

TAC 30       30L x 12 1/2H     AR15 Pistol      Ak47 folding stock

TAC 36       36L x 12 1/2H     AR15 w/16″barrel and adjustable stock (M4), AK47

TAC 39       39L x 12 1/2H    AR15 w/ 18″ barrel and adjustable stock, 16″ barrel and fixed stock, AK74

TAC 43      43L x 12 1/2H    AR15 w/20″ barrel and fixed stock (A2 style)

TAC 47      47L x 12 1/2H    AR15 w/24″ barrel,  FAL, M14 (M1A)

All dimensions are interior measurements.